Home switchboard Electricians Melbourne

The function of your switchboard is to direct electricity through different circuits within your home. It also contains safety switches that cut off the power when appliances for example malfunction. This protects your home from the possibility of fire and protects people from electrocution. A modern switchboard will provide this protection much more effectively, due to upgraded switches and components, more suited to the power needs of modern day homes. 

Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne

Do you find that with all the extra appliances you use; kettles, microwaves, computers, electric heaters etc. you regularly trip your switches. This can be very annoying! Reeves Electrical Contractors can solve this common problem with our simple switchboard upgrade process. Gone will be the days of the lights going out in the middle of your favourite TV program! Call Reeves Electrical Contractors today for a switchboard upgrade or to speak to an experienced switchboard electrician in Melbourne that can give the right advice about your home electrical needs.

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