Our commercial lighting electricians can provide the right lighting solutions for your modern business

When it comes to commercial lighting installations or upgrades, Reeves Electrical Contractors will always aim to install the most environmentally friendly solutions that will also provide the best lighting outcome for your office, shop or other commercial premises. Along with reducing your carbon footprint, an environmentally friendly lighting solution, which these days often includes LED lighting, will also reduce your lighting costs. This is a win-win for both your the customer and also the environment. So for a practical and cost saving solution, contact our commercial lighting electricians for a quote today.

Whether you require indoor lighting or outdoor lighting for you office or factory, Reeves Electrical Contractors can fulfill all your lighting requirements efficiently.

At Reeves Electrical, our commercial lighting electricians can provide:

Office lighting, Occupancy sensors, Dimmers, LED Downlights, Outdoor Lighting, Factory lighting, Emergency exit lights, Shopfront and retail lighting, Lighting for exhibition displays

Need help to design your shop or office lighting fitouts? Then contact our office lighting specialists for advice.

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