Electricians in Moorabbin

What most people want when they look for an electrician is a reliable, experienced service, which is fairly priced. If you need an electrician in Morrabbin that is the type of company we think we are.

At Reeves Electrical Contractors we are a trustworthy and reliable service and have been operating in the area for many years. Our team can offer both residential and commercial electrical services to the highest standards, award winning in fact. But we don’t cost any more to hire than a regular Moorabbin electrician without the experience or dedication to service we uphold.

Productive businesses commonly require a good commercial electrician to protect expensive machinery, prevent electrical problems from occurring, upgrade lighting to more economical options, and maintain switchboards or many other tasks. We can do it!

There is also a mix of new and older homes in the area, including townhouses, that require electricians to help with any number of tasks. If you need a quote from one of our tradesmen to help with a renovation, upgrade your lighting, need a body corporate electrician in Moorabbin, or any other type of residential electrical work, Reeves Electrical Contractors are the ones to call for a fast free quote.

Although we are well established and can work all over Melbourne, we are local to the eastern suburbs area and a Reeves van is never far away. So if you want a reliable, electrician in Moorabbin, at the right price, contact Reeves Electrical Contractors today. 1300 273 383