Electricians Glen Iris

If you're looking for the best electricians in Melbourne, give us a call and we will show you our proven track record for how many years. We promise we won't let you down and you ca be confident that the task will be done properly and in an organised manner. Our professional electricians will arrive on time and will thoroughly explain to you the process and procedure, and even the safety guidelines for your security and assurance.

Reeves Electrical contractors are fully compliant with all Australian health and safety regulations including Job Safety Analysis and equipment standard safety to comply with the work safe requirements needed by the suburb. We will readily provide electrical certificates to give you peace of mind and for your record documentation as reference in future. 

Every electrician at Reeves Electrical is highly equipped with the knowledge needed for work. They are trained to be the best with a can-do attitude that will readily help you solve your electrical problems. They will come up with several solutions and will present it to you for your assurance. They have the knowledge and ability to offer the best course of action in cases of unexpected circumstances.

We take pride of our years of experience, rigid training and expertise in this field, and our team of electricians are highly skilled and incomparable. We have a wide range of services offered in both industrial and residential categories. Our services provided are highly reliable when needed; Reeves Electrical contractors can be trusted and is the game changer in the electrical industry.

We can assure our clients that the installation and repair needed are fixed in no-time with satisfaction guaranteed. Our measure of success at work is through customer satisfaction and it is our desire to give you the best and most excellent service by providing affordable solutions to all your electrical repair and installation needs. We value your money and put high regard to what you are working hard for by giving you what you need and even more. Reeves Electrical will surely give you the best outcome of electrical service that you can't find anywhere else.

As Glen Iris has a population of 20,000+ residents, and the area is made up f older and newer houses, there is definite need for a quality electrical service to cater to their requirements. Our residential services are top-notch and cover residential, commercial, and industrial electrical needs.

Give Reeves Electrical a call on 1300 273 383 today for a quote, and we'll book you in with one of our qualified electricians who services the Glen Iris area, to come out and tend to your electrical needs.