Electricians Camberwell

Reeves Electrical is based in Victoria, Australia and we offer a service to residential, commercial and industrial businesses across Melbourne combining the very best in electrical design, installation and maintenance services.

Reeves Electrical is an award winning full service electrical contractor and we operate on a national basis providing installations to many different  residential, commercial and industrial installations and services over the years. We value client satisfaction as a vital element in the business and we spend our time and effort to render the very highest quality of work and safety standards to achieve that. We are proud to include some of Melbourne's leading companies as our clients in relationships that have endured for how many years now. Our award winning electricians are also renowned as one of the best industrial electricians in Melbourne.

 Our team of electricians routinely work in Camberwell - one of the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, 10km east of Melbourne's CBD with the City of Boroondara as it's local government area. One of the features of Camberwell is the Burle Road shopping strip, which stretches north.

We strive to deliver excellent work through our substantial range of electrical experience and knowledge. From an extensive portfolio, Reeves Electrical have developed a reputation amongst clients and suppliers for achieving a seamless process from start to finish of a task/project. This also means we provide a structured plan in order to complete projects according to the budget set and the time frame.

Reeves Electrical is known for having experienced and friendly staff who strive to deliver a comprehensive and responsive maintenance service to a number of properties all throughout Melbourne, including the biggest property management organisations.

Our services include:

  • All electrical repairs
  • Installations(street lighting, alarms, CCTV)
  • Reactive callout services
  • Testing and clarification for electrical condition report/s
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Resident maintenance engineers services

We can assure our clients that the installation and repair needed are fixed in no time with satisfaction guaranteed. Our measure of success at work is through customer satisfaction and it is our desire to give you the best and most excellent service by providing affordable solutions to all your electrical repair and installation needs. Reeves Electrical will surely give you the best outcome of electrical service you can't find anywhere else.

Reeves Electrical is fully compliant with all Australian health and safety regulations including Job Safety Analysis and equipment standard safety to comply with the work safe requirements needed by the suburb. We are committed to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards as required by law. We will readily provide electrical certificates to give you peace of mind and for your records when needed as reference in the future. What are you waiting for - contact us today on 1300 273 383.